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This webcomic contains violence, sexual situations, cussing, occasional gore, and anything else we can think of to piss you off. While I'm certain there's nothing on this website that your children haven't seen/heard from school, television, or at home, this comic is intended for mature readers only. Doesn't mean you have to be over 18 or all that garbage, but if you have the maturity to realise this comic is fiction and we're just trying to have some fun, I don't care how old you are. Don't take anything we write seriously, people, Elijah and I are just complete idiots who want to have a little fun and attempt to make people laugh, especially in times of war like recently. In the event that we do have something that they wouldn't allow on television we will have a warning saying so before hand. Moniter your kids people, it's not our reponsibility, it's yours. Anyway, have fun, that's what the site is intended for.

Also the sprites used with this comic come primarily from the Squaresoft SNES game "Chrono Trigger". All of the other sprites we use are owned by their respective owners. The actual content of this site is copyright Elijah Hicks and Phil Clayton.