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The Phil Era

Gimme Yo Jewels, Foo!
This Joke is Going to get Old Real Quick
America Grieves it's Lost Children
That Must've Been Ranker Than We Thought...

The Elijah Era

The Journey Begins
A Bad Line that Worked (Well Almost)
Has This Ever Happened To You?
A Big, Blue, Black Hole Sucky Thingie
Where am I?
Yet Another Bad Pick-up Line
There She Goes Again
Blah Blah, Save Girl, Blah Blah
Ahhh! Real Monsters!
What's In a Name?
Crappy 3 Panel Goodness!
Have We Hit the Bottom Yet?
*Insert Witty Comic Title Here*
I Want Treasure
The Episode That Will Get Us Sued
There Goes the Neighborhood
A Very Very Chrono Files Easter
From the Deepest Depths of Eli's Lower Intestine
The Incredible Misadventures of Bass Ackwards!
Bass Ackwards: Thunder Struck
Filler Comic, Ahoy!
Please Don't Sue Us, We're Too Sexy
One of Those "Kill Barney" Comics

The bulk of the images used in this site was taken from the Squaresoft video game "Chrono Trigger" and are copyrighted by them. All other images used are copyrighted by their respective owners. However, the content of this site is copyrighted by Phil Clayton aka Dystopia, and Elijah Hicks aka Foproy.