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Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2

Getting back to basics. That is the very definition of this game. Outlandish stunts in cars you could not even dream of affording, sounds fun don't it. Well this example is. Hot pursuit 2 gets down to what this game has represented from the start, a pure adrenaline rush!

The stunts are fun, and they have some cool camera effects to go along with them, like if you "thread the needle through a roadblock then the action will pause and it will go to a rotating view or a camera angle to show how close you came. Or if you hit a ramp it will go to a speed shot type camera view showing the car flying over the jump. During one chase scene that springs to mind immediately I was being chased by a helicopter, and the next thing I know the action pauses then 2 feet in front of the car Iím driving there is a missile about to hit. This is definitely worth checking out further

Ill give it a 9 out of 10